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Go West Tours: Located at Agnes Lodge, offer a range of tours including bat caves and cultural sites.

Skull Island: Located near the mouth of the beautiful Vona Vona lagoon, Skull Island features a shrine containing the skulls of Roviana chiefs and warriors and an altar to the local fishing-gods. Round off the day with a drink and a snack in the relaxed setting of Zipolo Habu Resort on nearby Lola Island before returning to Munda.

WWII Tours: For those interested in war history, the Western Province in general and the Munda area in particular is a goldmine. See an American M5 Stuart tank, the Japanese coastal defence battery at Enoghai or the anti-aircraft battery above Munda airfield, snorkel the wreck of the Kashi Maru, or stroll down to one of the small local museums and check out the amazing artefacts.

Mount Bao: Located on a ridge high above the surrounding rainforest, Bao was the main ceremonial site of the predecessors of the Roviana head-hunters. A couple of hours’ walk through virgin forest in the company of an experienced guide will take you back 300 years to the mysterious world of the Bao people. 

Nusa Roviana: Another ancient archeological site, Nusa Roviana island’s central ridge was the site chosen by the head-hunters for their main fortress. Within its stone walls you can find the remains of Tiola, a dog-god statue who would warn the Roviana people of approaching danger by barking and turning towards the threat.

Kastom Cooking: Accompany one of the local ladies to the market to select ingredients for your meal, then help her prepare your food and place it in a motu, or underground oven, to cook. Return a few hours later at dusk and savour a delicious feast of traditional Roviana recipes.

Fishing: Contact Joe and Liza at the nearby Zipolo Habu Resort to arrange a fishing charter with an experienced local guide in a custom-built boat. Whether you want to troll for Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish and Marlin or bottom-fish for Coral Trout and Rosy Jobfish, the fishing grounds of the Munda area offer unparalleled sport.