In the beginning of 2016, Dive Munda, under the guidance of Belinda Botha, previous Trip Director for SIDE on MV Solomon Star; became the newest Scuba Schools International Instructor Training Center in the South Pacific. This year we are excited to welcome our new general management couple Chevone Whitaker and Jos Smulders to the existing management team on the ground, consisting of Operations Director, Belinda and Shop Manager, Sunga Boso.

In 2015 Dive Munda proudly became part of Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions (SIDE); the newest dive liveaboard and Solomons/PNG Master in the South Pacific, offering fantastic expeditions on board MV Taka.

Our ethos - Dive Munda is a multi award winning SSI Instructor Training Centre in the Western province of Solomon Islands committed to sustainable dive eco-tourism.  Scuba dive unexplored reefs, WWII history, Kastom culture, hard and soft coral, cuts and caverns along with pelagic life and shark action, all in one of the last wild frontiers left on planet ocean.

Our roots - We have a rich history and have been an integral part of the local Munda community since 1991 when dive couple extraordinaire, Dave and Mariane Cooke chose Munda and Agnes Lodge as their next stop in an incredible journey diving all over the world. Dave and Mariana, in conjunction with lodge leadership and several local Dive Masters they personally trained (the late Lesley Leve, Joseph Tasker and Julius Kera – still at the lodge - to name a few); gradually build up the very successful Dive Munda. The team found and named all the sites we enjoy diving today: Shark Point, Top Shelf, Mushroom Island, Susu Hite, Eagles Nest, Aussie Point, Rainbow Passage, the Douglas Dive Bomber, the Cave of the Custom Shark, and the list goes one! Their true passion for the Roviana people and culture and belief that Munda offers world class diving still inspire and drives us today! Dave remained part of our group of companies and maybe you will be lucky enough to catch him in the water with us on one of his visits from Honiara.

A group of Australian dive shop owners out of Brisbane partnered with our still biggest fans, Trevor and Zahi Cumberland (they come and visit every year and have their very own tropical island just across the lagoon from us....); making Munda the Solomon Island's premier dive destination. Our friends over at Dive Gizo ran Dive Munda for a couple of years too! 

Thereafter, experienced British instructors, Graeme Sanson and Jen Will jumped at the opportunity to take over a shop of their own after running dive centres all over the globe. They still believe Munda offers some of the best and most diverse diving in the world! Together they established Dive Munda as a technical diving hub in the region with a strong focus on training and exploring. In asking the couple to reflect back on their time at Dive Munda, they summarized as follows: “We came to Munda on holiday by mistake, and stayed for eight years because of Shark Point and a Great Hammerhead!” We also love Shark Point!

Stay tuned for exciting offers and more great news from magical Munda!