Let's fluoresce.....

Bio-fluoro heaven…….

You have probably heard of our famous “Magical Munda” phrase… But have you heard of Magical fluorescence and how we combine UV lights with a night dive? 

Bio-luminescence and bio-fluorescence

Bio luminescence is the emission of light by a living organism involving a chemical reaction. The chemical (lucifern) provides energy using oxygen in the process. Commonly while diving you might have seen plankton giving of light when disturbed. This is known as bio-luminescence.

In contrast, Fluorescence is the process of light absorption and radiation. A substance will radiate light energy instantaneously upon being struck with light from another source. Some energy is absorbed by this, meaning that the radiated light is of lower energy than that of the source. . There are fluorescent colours all around us Traffic cones, Safety vests and highlighter pens to name a few and known for intense, highly saturated colours!

Let’s dive

A number of animals fluoresce and it is the perfect discovery dive as there are much more we need to explore! It is quite magical to see different sources of fluorescence light up especially when diving and the surroundings are pitch black. On the boat ride back to Munda you will even see the Bio luminescence plankton “jumping” on the side!

If you like freaky colours, aliens or something different it is time for a Fluoro night dive!

We even had the director Klaus and his film crew from Kodak that was equally eager to discover that the Green turtle fluoresce! Have a look at the amazing footage they produced……..