Anniversary Time!

A week full of exciting celebrations here at Magical Munda! Funnily enough it turned out that we celebrated anniversaries through-out the entire week.

To start off we decided to take all our guests out to our famous Kashi Maru wreck on the 2nd of July 2018 for a special dive exactly 75 years after she sunk! She is still intact and well preserved after so many years, can you believe it- Magical.

It was then followed by celebrating 40 years of independence in the Solomon Islands. All the locals from all the Kastom villages walked around with a smile on their faces and a sense of pride as it has been fierce battles which made the Solomon Islands what it is today- Pride.

And finally our guests Butch and Lynn from America celebrated their 5th year of marriage underwater and enjoyed lunch on Dream Island- the name says it all- Romantic!

Catch you next week!

Happy Fishes,

Jos & Chevone