Alice Lost!?

Alice in wonderland - No-more!

SAD! SAD! SAD! Our operational director Belinda Botha has officially declared Alice in Wonderland (One of our top dive sites) undiveable! After months of constant monitoring, it has become apparent that the corals and fish life @ Alice in wonderland drastically deteriorated! This is due to constant Logging at the nearby island. We are investigating this matter and Belinda is working towards awareness within the Solomon Islands to try and stop this Madness.

 But let’s put this catastrophe in perspective… After 75 years one of our Wildcat fighter planes resting on this reef has been well preserved and regularly dived. The effect of run off (water pollution) has made this wonderful relic undiveable within a period of months. If this is what is happening on a small scale and in such a short time period, let us then not forget about the rest of the world and how quick it goes wrong!


Operations Manager