We are back!

We are back and ready to roll!

After a flurry of craziness and a stint by most of our team on our sister company liveaboard, PNG Solomons Master, MV Taka we are back to Magical Munda business and the our awesome weekly blog, Bottom Times. Check out our news below……..

1.       Looking for the Pygmy

Dive Munda crew has started the great PYGMY search. With more than twenty years of combined experience diving in the Western Province of Solomon Island our local team has started to pin drop the exact locations of the extraordinary Pygmy seahorse. The team is working together and stopping at every possible Gorgonian sea fan to find this incredible creature.

So far the project has been successful and we already “re-discovered” and pin dropped the location of three Denise’s Pygmy seahorses at our dive sites: Mbigo Mbigo, Shark point and Secret spot! Well done team.

2.       Lagoon festival

Magical Munda celebrated their annual Roviana lagoon festival which took place from the 1st of October 2018. It was a cultural week filled with fun activities ranging from the “Temoko” war canoes arrival, sailing dugout canoe race and the most spectacular event which took place on the last day: The Alick Wickham swim. Alick pioneered the freestyle, or crawl swimming stroke. He was a true diving champion that also unofficially held a world record in swimming.

The event specifically focused on continuing to keep Munda clean and enhancing culture to ensure it will never be forgotten. Both fantastic points that Dive Munda supports and is proud of.

 What a true honour to be part of the lagoon festival.

3.       Discovery:

A very exciting announcement indeed! We have decided that we will start exploring three more dive sites to add to our already extraordinary list of world class dive sites before the end of 2018!

The Mission: Using combined local knowledge of Sunga, Brian, Grenier and the team we will embark together searching for the best of the best!

We are hoping to discover a possible Manta feeding station, A big wall (Great idea for “The name”) and as always lush coral gardens with loads of fish!

Wish us luck and Follow us for more information as we are kick starting this expedition soon!

The Team