Snorkel Heaven!

We absolutely love our snorkelers and we are thrilled to offer snorkel guides complimentary on all excursions. More than 85% of our dive sites are also snorkel sites so this makes it excellent for the entire family to join! Come check our sites out! Magical Munda indeed!

"If you are a non-diver and feel like you won't get much out of snorkelling around Munda, then prepare to be proven wrong! Belinda and her dive masters are all really accommodating for snorkellers, and you can snorkel at pretty much every dive site you are taken to. Even though you're just on the surface, the amount of coral and marine life that you can see is just absolutely fantastic. My personal highlight was the snorkelling around Mushroom Island. The water was crystal clear, and the ocean was just teeming with life. 

And for those moments when you're not snorkelling, Agnes Lodge is a great little place to stay (I spent a lot of time reading on the balcony), and you can also walk around the island too. One of the highlights if you do choose to go for a walkabout, is the Peter Joseph World War 2 museum. Paulsen who runs the museum has a great collection of artefacts left behind by soldiers from the period. 

Belinda and her dive masters really know their stuff, so you'll be in good hands, not to mention that they're all very lovely people! "

Review written by: Austvina Phan