Dive Munda is SUPER STOKED this week to be announcing we now have Nitrox in Magical Munda.

We were thrilled to welcome the "best compressor man" in the world to our lovely home this past week for some Compressor TLC but more importantly; to install our very own Nitrox Membrane System! Daryl Waters from DiveTek - You. Rock. Big. Time.!!! Not only does the compressor come from our sister company SIDE Solomon Star previous liveaboard (which happen to be the very same dive liveaboard Dive Munda Operations Director ran as Trip Director for a few years....) but we also recently learned from our Solomon Airlines friend Dave Pearce that it has a lot more history - specifically from the old "Nimrod" days.... below Dave and Daryl's story - shared with their permission from a Facebook post... we are honoured to have our compressor installed in memory of "Denz"..... :-)

"Yes, I'm in Munda again... πŸ˜
There were a few reasons for this very quick trip. 
One of my mates from Aus was up here installing a Nitrox membrane, so Dive Munda can blend Nitrox on the fly, and have banked mixes. Given that I worked for Daryl Buzza Waters at Divetek for over ten years, I figured he could use a hand... Or at least some moral support (aka someone to stand there, drink Solbrew, and hang shit on him while he works! πŸ˜‚)
Now, there is more to the story... the system that is installed was taken from MV Solomon Star, which used to be called MV Nimrod Explorer. This is the boat that I worked on in Cairns, with my best mate Denz (RIP 😭). So it was pretty special seeing the system that Denz and I used to use back in the day get put back into service. Pox and I left a little note for our mate, and had a drink for him last night. β˜ΊοΈ
Now if they weren't reason enough for the trip, then there are plenty of others that I can come up with, such as needing some time out after a chaotic 70 hour working week, catching up with Belinda and all of her amazing crew, and I even managed to squeeze in three spectacular dives on a couple of WW2 wrecks and an amazing wall. 
Currently enjoying a well deserved lazy morning in my room at the awesome Agnes Gateway Hotel. What's not to love about Magical Munda? If you haven't been yet, make sure you do!"