Frens Visit!

We had a great weekend with friends visiting from Honiara and we made some great new friends from Japan.

We had so much fun with Dave Pearce, our partner airline and national carrier, Solomon Airlines Operations Manager. Dave is an excellent Divemaster and we hope he will visit again soon, we promised to do the deep Koviki Corsair on his next visit - he loved our Cave of the Kastom Shark!

Our blog photo this week goes to Wantok Photo's Pavlos Evangelidis and Zeenal Samut - they are regular visitors from our capital Honiara but Go Finis now soon. Pavlos is an amazing photographer and we do hope he enters our Ultimate Photo Competition. The fantastic over-under image used was shot at Eagle's Nest where we were entertained by several grey reef sharks!

All in all, a great weekend was had by staff and guests alike!