75 Sec Why

Dive Munda is hosting an exciting social media campaign entitled "75 Seconds Why?"

Dive Munda is launching a fabulous social media campaign in June commemorating the 75th anniversary of the battle for Guadalcanal dubbed "75 Seconds Why" - industry leaders, film makers, journalists, celebrity visitors, esteemed photographers, VIP guests and our fantastic divers will all have the opportunity to share a 75 second video clip highlighting why Magical Munda and our WWII wrecks are so very special to them! Join in the creative fun via our Facebook page and share your very own 75 second video clip!

Our photo of the week shows Dive Munda's Belinda diving the superb WWII Japanese shipwreck the Kashi Maru with Aerofilm director, Klaus Obermeyer. Photo credit goes to the amazing Andy Casagrande with James Moskito

Want to add your 75 seconds Why? Find our Facebook page and upload your video - have fun and be creative! We would love to see your story!