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Diving in Munda by Tyrii -

Dive Munda thanks Tyrii from SV Rehua for contributing to this weeks cool blog - great to hear it from a recently certified Junior Open Water Diver's perspective - we are super happy that the world of tomorrow will be in the hands of youth like Tyrri - who knows, maybe we will juuuuuuuuust be able to save our beautiful planet this way!

Getting my open water diver certificate for my 12th birthday was really cool.

It was a lot of work to get it (I especially disliked weight belt removal and replacement) but overall it was still super fun. Even when we were in shallow water doing lessons (not in the pool but by a beach on a little island because 1: who needs a pool when you've got the ocean and 2: there is no pool here) it was still cool just to be able to breathe underwater. After the lessons we usually went on a fun dive and that was always super cool. It's a bit like snorkelling except you can breathe deep underwater for a long time. Another way to describe it is like floating in space. Almost like flying, plus there's tons of cool animals and coral down there too. I have to say the coolest things to swim with are the bigger creatures, whales, sharks, dugongs, turtles but that's just me. It's also still really cool to see a tiny family of clown fish darting in and out of their sea anemone (wow, that was hard to spell) or trigger fish charging at you suddenly and then quickly backing off to its nest (they really do that, it gives you a bit of a fright at first - once, one almost banged into my mask) or other weird stuff like that. Anyway, diving for me is probably an 8.5 out of 10. The one and a half off was because it makes your mouth really dry and dehydrates you, and you get quite tired afterwards (why am I talking about the bad stuff?). But it's fine if you just drink a lot of water first (for me, anyway).

Diving is awesome and I would totally recommend it if you (like me) always thought it would be awesome to be able to breathe underwater. Turns out you can!!!

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