Ocean Conservation Awareness

2017 marks the year of amazing things being done for our oceans. Climate change is a hot topic everywhere (thanks to - amongst other things - celebrity documentaries like Leonardo DiCaprio's "Before the Flood") and we applaud those ferociously standing up for and promoting awareness to protect our oceans, sharks and marine ecosystems worldwide. In addition, this year we celebrate the Year of Sustainable Tourism and Development.

To celebrate the life of amazing conservationist, environmentalist, Director of Sharkwater and passionate shark protector, Rob Stewart, we salute our ocean heroes this week. We eagerly await Sharkwater Extinction - to be completed in honour of Rob.

When we have visiting guests feeling as passionate about the ocean as we do - we get excited! This week we are thrilled to promote awareness for our friends in the ocean - Sea Shepherd! Coincidence that our guests (Todd & Jessica) rock up in a Sea Shepherd tank top when our quote of the day is by none other, the man himself, Captain Paul Watson?