Not a scuba diver?

Not a scuba diver? Well with SSI and Dive Munda it is not a problem!

Check out our latest blog post by Clair Nederlof, SSI Australia Marketing Manager on what is on offer for those that seek knowledge, want to protect our environment but do not want to scuba dive. We love this one, Clair!

Knowledge is power! Words by Clair Nederlof

By educating people we can create an interest and empathy for our watery portion of the planet and dispel many unrealistic myths and fears. For example we have all often heard the comment “aren’t you scared of sharks? “. For most divers, freedivers and those involved in water activities, the answer is “No!” Education is the biggest step forward towards encouraging a love and understanding of the ocean in all people and ultimately a unity in protecting our oceans!

SSI (Scuba Schools International) has developed several programs which have an enormous appeal to divers and non- divers alike. Programs which create an understanding of our marine environment and marine creatures.

Our SSI Ecology programs include: Marine Ecology, Turtle Ecology, Fish identification, Shark Ecology and Coral Identification

Unfortunately not everybody can, or wants to Scuba dive. These Ecology programs do not require any in water training and can be delivered as a ‘Dry’ presentation or can be combined with snorkelling, freediving, scuba diving and school marine studies programs

Snorkelling has become a hugely popular activity around the world! Being able to offer his market informative information will most definitely enhance their holiday experience and possibly build their confidence to take the next step into Basic Freediving or Scuba Diving.

Many travellers now are taking shorter holidays and therefore are time poor when it comes to committing to Dive Programs- Our Ecology programs and Basic Freediving course is perfect for these travellers.

The Basic Freediving course is completed in 1 day and these entry level freedivers learn about freediving safety, rescue techniques and how to improve their breath hold. With a maximum depth requirement of 5m this is the ideal program for tropical resorts.

Often an avid Scuba Diver will travel to dive destinations with non -diving partners and family and then are faced with the conundrum of how to keep them entertained while they are off diving! Snorkelling, Basic Freediving and Ecology programs are an ideal solution.

SSI has FREE digital programs on Snorkelling, Try Scuba, Scuba Diver and Try Freediving. To access these programs all you need to do is go to the SSI website  login and then register yourself. You can access these programs through your PC or download the DiveSSI APP. Once downloaded in the APP these programs can be accessed offline. The APP and MySSI website will also have a Dive Centre locator so that you can find your nearest SSI Dive Resort or Dive Centre to enrol in your ecology programs or to continue with Snorkelling, Freediving and Scuba programs.

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