75th Anniversary - WWII Battle

2017 marks the 75th Anniversary of the WWII Battle for Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands.

Dive Munda boasts with several fantastic WWII sites to dive in commemoration of this historic battle. 2017 is a great time to visit and our annual Solomon Islands Dive Fest will be hosted in the Western Province this year, with a distinct and strong focus on the WWII. Not only does Dive Munda offer an array of American and Japanese aircraft but also the infamous Kashi Maru. And that is not all, we have a selection of WWII dump sites as well as a couple of bulldozers. Not to be missed for sure!

Just to tempt you further, a little excerpt below:

Kashi Maru: This Japanese freighter was caught by USAF bombers on July 2 1945 while unloading a cargo of trucks and fuel to nearby troops based on New Georgia Island. She lies at 17m in Mboroko Harbour 45 minutes boat ride from Munda. 

 F4F-4 Wildcat: Close by the Kashi Maru, this US fighter plane rests in 14m on a spectacular coral reef named Alice in Wonderland. 

The Airacobra: Recently discovered in April 2011, little is known about this American P-39 fighter. She lies in about 27m of water on a sandy bottom and hosts schools of Sweetlip, Lion fish, Coral Trout and thousands of tiny baitfish.

The Dauntless: This Douglas SBD-4 Dauntless dive bomber was hit by AA fire during a raid on Munda, on July 23 1943. Pilot Jim Dougherty put his plane down in Rendova Harbour, where she still rests at 13m. 

The Koviki Corsair: This F4U-1 Corsair rests on pristine white sand at 51 meters. It is fully intact with minimal coral growth due to the depth of the water. 

Dozer at the Bar: We recently discovered what appears to be a WWII dump site with several half-tracks sitting in 28m during a staff explorer dive day. 

Corsair fighter: This Corsair lies in about 8m of water in a silty bottom just a few hundred meters out from the dive shop. 

Japanese A3M Nell: She also lies in the shallows of the Roviana lagoon near the dive shop. 

Japanese Zero fighter: This mostly intact Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane rests on a sandy bottom at 17m near Kolombangara where the Japanese had a stronghold and airstrip in 1943. 

American Dumpsite: Situated on a reef 10 minutes from Dive Munda is a dump site featuring military trucks and jeeps, aeroplane wreckage, a sunken barge and assorted coral encrusted machinery in 5m to 20m. 

Sasavele Passage: Another WWII dump site featuring giant steel pontoons of a former US Navy base scuttled at the end of the occupation. Assorted machinery of the war and a quantity of live ordinance scattered about the sloping wall that drops to 40m.