Life after Max! ;-) & then you add some freedivers.....

So we had a fantastic time with Max here and we are so happy that he has started this blog for us, now of course, we need to keep it going! We are going to continue to encourage our guests and staff alike to contribute and share their experiences with Dive Munda or about Munda in general.

We have had a busy weekend with our second group of Honiara Residents join us for some Munda Magic. WWII wrecks and amazing hard and soft coral reefs impressed everybody. Oh and did we mention shark spotting?

We are delighted to have a freediver group with us at the moment, thanks so much to Marlon at Watermaarq for working with us to build our product for our freediving market. Stay tuned for exciting updates as well as great photos. These guys are truly amazing! Breathtaking in more ways than one!

The Dive Munda Puppy!!!

The Dive Munda Puppy!!!

But our photo of the week goes to staff member and Divemaster, Andrew with the latest edition to our team, the Dive Munda puppy. We would like to not yet commit to naming her because she actually does not below to us, but the resort. She thinks otherwise though and are making herself at home, to the delight of our guests and staff :-)