Chemistry in French ;-)

So this week marks a visit from a new friend, MV Chemistry with Doctors from France doing an open water course with Dive Munda. Lots and lots of fun indeed. Congrats to Jeremie, David and Igon and for Antoine for helping out!!

We also said cheerio to Charlie from the UK - this is what he had to say about us - awesome!

Testimonial: Charlie Winter

Great Diving at Munda October 2016

A fantastic diversity of sunken planes, wrecks, reefs and wall dives.  Shark Point and Bigo Bigo were the highlights with white-tips,black-tips, grey whalers as well as enormous barracuda, turtles, spanish mackeral, the full range of reef fish, diverse, healthy hard corals and fantastic cascading overhangs and canyon swim-throughs.

The Divemunda team is friendly, relaxed and professional.   They also have free wifi for customers! And great coffee too....