Alice Lost!?

Alice in wonderland - No-more!

SAD! SAD! SAD! Our operational director Belinda Botha has officially declared Alice in Wonderland (One of our top dive sites) undiveable! After months of constant monitoring, it has become apparent that the corals and fish life @ Alice in wonderland drastically deteriorated! This is due to constant Logging at the nearby island. We are investigating this matter and Belinda is working towards awareness within the Solomon Islands to try and stop this Madness.

 But let’s put this catastrophe in perspective… After 75 years one of our Wildcat fighter planes resting on this reef has been well preserved and regularly dived. The effect of run off (water pollution) has made this wonderful relic undiveable within a period of months. If this is what is happening on a small scale and in such a short time period, let us then not forget about the rest of the world and how quick it goes wrong!


Operations Manager

The BIG 60!

The legend celebrates!

Can you guys believe this? Sunga, AKA "Aussie" just turned 60! We were absolutely thrilled to host his birthday celebrations at Agnes Gateway Hotel.

Staff, management, guests, family and friends alike all joined in wishing Sunga a very happy birthday and we hope there are many more to come! Sunga forms an integral part of the Dive Munda management team and his exceptional customer service excellence, attention to detail, vast knowledge of the dive sites, custom culture and history of our amazing #magicalmunda makes him a valuable asset and irreplaceable. Next time you are in, ask him to share some Kastom stories (specifically those of the Kastom Sharks....) and be sure to ask him to don his uhm (skimpy!) traditional leaf attire and perform the local Bilikiki dance for you - Not. To. Be. Missed.

We absolutely love Sunga and hope to have him with us for many more years to come!




Anniversary Time!

A week full of exciting celebrations here at Magical Munda! Funnily enough it turned out that we celebrated anniversaries through-out the entire week.

To start off we decided to take all our guests out to our famous Kashi Maru wreck on the 2nd of July 2018 for a special dive exactly 75 years after she sunk! She is still intact and well preserved after so many years, can you believe it- Magical.

It was then followed by celebrating 40 years of independence in the Solomon Islands. All the locals from all the Kastom villages walked around with a smile on their faces and a sense of pride as it has been fierce battles which made the Solomon Islands what it is today- Pride.

And finally our guests Butch and Lynn from America celebrated their 5th year of marriage underwater and enjoyed lunch on Dream Island- the name says it all- Romantic!

Catch you next week!

Happy Fishes,

Jos & Chevone

3 Generations!

Oh wow what a fantastically busy week we had…

One of our longest guests and friends Janifer Thomas came to Munda with her grandchildren to get their Open water Certificates! We had such a family blast and for the first time ever Janifer could go explore the magical underwater world with her grandchildren Lachlan, James and Tobias. A very special moment as Dive Munda made it possible for three generations to dive together!

We touch base next week again,

Happy Fishes!

Chevone & Jos


Celebrating the June Trilogy!

World Environment Day, World Oceans Day and Coral Triangle Day!

We celebrate and pay respect to our planet ocean and remind ourselves this week about what really matters and what really needs to be protected, preserved and conserved!

We had guests, staff and our community working together on some beach clean-up initiatives (both on land and underwater).

#saveoursharks #coraltriangle #plasticresistance #worldenvironmentday #worldoceansday #saynotoplastic

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